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Intermediate Architectural Technician

What would it be like to be an Architectural Technician at GH+A?

The role of an Intermediate Architectural Technician is to contribute to creative, technical and project coordination to support the Project Directors as part of a design team in the studio. Through mentoring, continuing education and work experience he/she will gain exposure to all types of design projects (retail, restaurant, shopping centre, urban development, etc).

You’re interested but you would like to know the role and responsibilities?

Here are some of them!

1. Technical development

  • Preparation of technical documents
  • Analyse and follow the technical protocol
  • Prepare, print, ship and file the drawing documents
  • Calculation of area and execute quantity survey
  • Research and selection of product, finishes and technical construction details
  • Write change order
  • Execute site survey
  • Execute basic plan as per site survey
  • Execute document drawing layout
  • Develop construction details
  • Revise technical drawings and sample selection
  • Project coordination
  • Undertake basic project coordination tasks
  • Coordinate engineers, consultants and other external stakeholder

2. Communication

  • Provide regular status updates and consult the Project Directors on any decisions that may effect the design integrity and/ or profitability
  • Undertake basic client and supplier relation tasks

3. Standards and quality of work

  •  The Intermediate Architectural Technician has to contribute to respecting standards and procedures to reach profitability on all projects. He/she is responsible for the quality of his work. He/She understands the principles of project management, budgeting and invoicing and their impact to the business.

What are our “must -haves” for this position?

Education and Experience

  • Graduate of 3 year Architecture program
  • 5-7 years of proven experience in technical architecture, preferably with a focus on creative services, professional services, and/or retail consumer goods and services.


  • Bilingual (French/English : speaking and writing)
  • Interpersonal skills – ability to interact effectively with team members
  • Communication skills – verbal, visual and written
  • Computer proficiency in word, excel, CAD, Photoshop, outlook, InDesign, illustrator, Sketch up.
  • Ability to multitask – contributing to more than one project at a time
  • Conceptualization through sketching and illustration
  • Construction detailing knowledge
  • Capacity to have a cohesive overview of the entire construction process
  • Capacity to read architectural documents
  • Ability to manage work within prescribed timelines and budget restrictions
  • Ability to accept guidance and instruction; understanding and applying new skills to future projects thorough understanding of the retail industry
  • Ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines
  • Knowledge of trends in the retail and design industries
  • Knowledge of the building code; an asset


So what does GH+A stand for?

We stand for vital, engaging retail environments designed to yield exceptional and measurable results. We stand for the power of design to move people.

Since 1985, GH+A has evolved into one of North America’s leading retail design firms. With the combined expertise of our Montreal and Detroit offices, we’re adept at managing projects around the world.

Our out-of-the-box approach to retail design focuses on creating dynamic environments including stores, shopping centres and retail master planning projects, as well as the strategic positioning of the brand image of each space.


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