The Village at Corte Madera

Corte Madera, CA

CF Rideau Centre

Ottawa, Ontario

CF Sherway Gardens

Toronto, Ontario

American Dream

East Rutherford, NJ

Scottsdale Fashion Square (Luxury Wing)

Scottsdale, Arizona

Yorkville Village

Toronto, Ontario

CF Promenades St-Bruno

St-Bruno, Quebec


Calgary, Alberta

Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Toronto, Ontario

Downtown Markham

Markham, Ontario

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core services and specialty services

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planning + programming

As a starting point, we examine the competitive landscape and customer profiles so we can identify who we need to respond to in a given marketplace. We embark upon programming studies to assess the property’s opportunities, determine the optimal retail mix and explore merchandising configurations.

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The overall design direction of the project gets defined and the merchandising solutions get brought to life.

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schematic design

Broad brush strokes solidify the conceptual ideas. We prepare drawings that illustrate the design intent.

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design development

At this stage, we evolve the schematic design and refine specific design solutions to produce the technical drawings required for the project architect to execute the construction documentation.

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construction coordination

During the bid and construction periods, our firm will coordinate the required information with all parties and consultants involved.

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environmental graphics

As a value-added service to the environmental design of a project, new branding and graphics inject freshness and retail energy to a property’s identity. GH+A’s dedicated in-house team develops the brand visual language that tells a compelling story with a distinctive signature.

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tenant design criteria

The Tenant Design Criteria Manual is a crucial tool to guide the tenant’s designer on the property’s design criteria and inspire them to create unique, elevated designs for their storefronts and control zones.

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tenant design review

In working collaboratively with the tenant’s designer to raise the bar of their design submissions, we issue a report with design recommendations to the landlord and designer regarding each tenant submission.

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signage + wayfinding

A comprehensive public signage program is applied throughout the property that includes a detailed technical package for bid and fabrication.

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pre-lease vision

Prepare visual presentations depicting what a specific tenant may look like in an actual location within a specific project. It helps the tenant and landlord to realise the potential of the location, with a suggested brand expression. It often provides a preliminary design direction for inspiration.

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