• 4,000 ft2


  • Fluresh


  • Vision + Concept
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Project Management
  • Brand Identity + Graphics


Grand Rapids, MI

couture meets cannabis

As retail reinvents and reimagines itself, the shift towards cannabis in the health and wellness sector is growing rapidly with uniquely designed spaces that educate, challenge the status quo, and the stigma often associated with this product.

Fluresh’s new flagship provisioning center located in Grand Rapids, MI was designed to be an inviting and refined environment.

The Brand’s attributes “permission, control and allure” along with “premium product and modern wellness” were the key design drivers for the overall space look and feel. A crisp, neutral interior palette was used throughout, with hits of bold contrast in dark charcoal and metallic finishes, applied in quirky patterns to mimic the graphic packaging design based on “power patterns”. The feeling is textural and intuitive.

A comfortable reception lounge with hospitality bar welcomes you to the space. Once invited into the provisioning area, branded Fluresh product, in seven unique strains, has been strategically located within a Fluresh “shop in shop” located under a dramatic black ceiling and logo within the center of the space. At the perimeter, the high touch/bespoke experience for a one-on-one shopping experience between customer and budtender was achieved though purposefully designed full product displays in each of the six stations. Accessories and other non-infused product were merchandised on floating fixtures to encourage browsing and curiosity.

A sophisticated approach, tailored to support each person’s lifestyle, because cannabis is much more than a one-size fits all prescription.