• 7,500 ft2


  • Laura


  • Vision + Concept
  • Schematic Design
  • Project Management
  • Rollout


Burlington, Ontario

celebrating inclusive sizes

Laura’s new boutique concept starts off with a welcoming foyer that greets you upon entry, showcasing different sized mannequins showing off fashion, fit, function and friends. The layered palette of woods and metals, soft velvet seating and textures makes for an immersive and tactile shopping journey. Throughout the space “residential rooms” designate the different sections with curated apparel from petite, to plus size and styles ranging from lifestyle, dressy to casual. The combination of sophisticated lighting fixtures and punches of large-scale floral and watercolor wall covering help define the departments makes for a tactile shopping journey.

The Dress Shop is an elevated yet cozy lounge area that brings together all sizes of formal wear and accessories in the center of the store. Floor to ceiling bookcase style cabinets surround the space accented with gold metals and velvet evoking the sense of being in a luxury closet, complete with accessory and jewelry tables nearby. The concept of social seating areas is carried through the store and into the fitting rooms, making the overall space a casual invitation for customers to converse, stay awhile and to sit with friends and enjoy fashion together.