• 13,800 ft2


  • Linen Chest


  • Planning
  • Concept
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation
  • Rollouts

Linen Chest

Les Rivières, Trois-Rivières, Québec

home is where the heart is

Linen Chest’s foundation as a high density merchant still persists in the newest design concept, yet the latest design manages to achieve an overall openness of sightlines and a fluidity of the customer journey within a completely revamped environment.  A “shop-in-shop” approach at the front of the store highlights the new product mix in a boutique style where customers can explore the latest offerings, while the back of the store offers a comfortable pillow and mattress testing area. The three-dimensional “look book” open frame structures throughout feature vignettes showcasing curated merchandise stories. With a focus on storytelling, the new concept store charts a new course for Linen Chest’s future brand statements.